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Once there was a powerful "King".

One day after leaving his palace, he met a beggar on the street. The King asked the beggar, “What do you want?” The beggar laughed and said, “What? You are asking me what I want, as if you can fulfil my desires!" The king felt offended and said, “Of course I can fulfil your desires. Just tell me what they are?” The beggar replied, “You should think twice before you promise me anything.” Even though the beggar advised the king, that his desires could not be fulfilled, he didn’t listen because his ego was so huge. He went on to promise the beggar that he would fulfil any of his desires.

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Because the King felt he was special, he convinced himself that this was no ordinary beggar. This beggar must have been sent by the Gods to teach him a lesson and to free him from the material world and all of its  own desires.

The beggar went on to say, “My wish is very simple. Just fill this begging bowl with something.” He pointed towards the begging bowl in his hand. The King said, “Of course.” The King then  called his servants and told them to fill the  beggars bowl with money. The servants brought some money and poured it into bowl. As soon as the money was poured into the bowl it disappeared. The servants were ordered by the King to pour more money and more money, into the bowl but as soon as the money hit the bottom of the bowl it disappeared.

The king then asked the servants to bring diamonds and pearls, but as soon as the servants filled the bowl, the diamonds and pearls disappeared.

The King then ordered the servants to bring all of his worldly possessions but as soon as they were poured into the bowl they disappeared and the bowl became empty.

Finally, as evening dawned, all of the people in the "Kings", Kingdom had gathered because they could not believe what they were seeing. Everyone  stood in utter silence. Eventually the King admitted defeat and he dropped at the feet of beggar. “Okay you win, but before you leave please tell me, what is the Begging Bowl made of ?”

There is no journey to paradise because the human desire has no end. In its very essence, it is a never ending, empty loop of thinking it knows the truth and essence of the natural reality. It never can because it is a mystery and anything else is simply an artificial add on and means absolutely nothing.

The snake that bites its own tale, eats its face.

The treasure in life is "life itself."

Image by Michal Matlon
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If you listen to the news carefully, you will realise that everything referred to by the presenters, reading from an auto cue or script is the "latest story". A "story" has a start a middle and an end and is fictional and those "stars" referred to are fictional characters. There is no place for "fake news" in the natural reality.

Donna Jane Moran

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What is Non Duality?

Non duality simply means not two. There is no "I", "me" or "you". Non duality literature is extensive and is traditionally documented in Advita Vedanta ancient texts. Advita Vedanta offers the seeker a deconstruction of the self. You firmly believe that you are your name, where you are from, your job, marital status , academic achievements , job title etc.... People have been indoctrinated by parents and teachers since birth, to believe that  they are an object and everyone and everything is an object. You see everything and the world through a filter of beliefs. You may have noticed that you are constantly seeking. It may be subtle or it maybe profound. I am looking for a better job, to lose weight, a better car, lover or you are trying to stop something from happening or to prolong a pleasurable experience. There is always something better on the horizon. There is never a feeling of peace. It is a constant. Radical non duality completely deconstructs the person that you believe yourself to be until it completely dissolves. Once this occurs the natural reality is revealed.

Whole and complete does not imply that the character you have developed has to disappear contrary to the Advita Vedanta teachings. It means that you embrace the character but always recognise what is prior to the constructed character which is built on concepts and beliefs. The character is essentially everyone's vehicle as is the apparent body, which embraces feelings and thoughts. The misconception that there is no free will is a fallacy.

Everyone is a snow flake and has something to give and offer. Everyone contributes to the whole as the whole is everyone and everything. There is no "God" that acts like a puppeteer, controlling everything. We are all "God". Everything is energy and is intertwined. There is no life and death because energy cannot be destroyed.

There is no hierarchy. Like a car, every single part of the car must be proficient and in working order for the vehicle to work. A wheel is no more important than a screw. Everyone and everything is intertwined. Like a tapestry, the back has all the stitching and interwoven connections, whilst the front is the perfected article. Like the face we project (mask) to meet the faces that we meet. 

I do not offer any kind of spiritual teaching but rather encourage clients to embrace their character and indeed improve this, if that is what is sought.

Just to be clear, religion, therapy, science, groups etc... are not frowned upon here. They all contribute to the whole and some people require direction and a process to follow. "Free fall", is not necessarily preferable for all. A process or path is sometimes necessary to programme the sub-conscious mind correctly. In fact, it could be said to be necessary, otherwise we would  lay there like a baby in an apparent "bliss" or "nothingness" or "zero". However if bliss is not known then who could even say that this was bliss. 

Life is on ongoing process of improvement and refinement. What is not welcome here is "cult like" and "dogmatic" behaviour. Trying to convince people that what you think and believe is the correct path. If a belief was truth, then it would be referred to as truth and not belief. If there are 7 billion individuals on the planet then who is to say that one or a small group of dictators are "right" and everyone else is "wrong". Utter nonsense.

Ta-Verite means "Your Truth" in French translation. Embrace yourself and others and be free from the false matrix in which you are encouraged to believe that you a little person in a big world with nothing to offer. 


What you are seeking is seeking you.


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A Reality Check

Artificial intelligence cannot be intelligent if it is artificial and built on illusory knowledge that can only repeat in a loop of its own knowing. It cannot feel, smell, touch or taste and never will be able to do so. It is in its very essence narcissistic and psychopathic! Build on false data and projections about what might be and never will be!

No one really owns anything. This is an illusion. If I stand in the sand and draw four dividing lines and then say that I own the portion under the border of line one - Do I really own this land or border? The answer is of course No! I have simply claimed this "illusory" land as my own. It does not matter that I recruit and brain wash every single grain of sand in the border to believe that I am "God" and the owner and controller of the illusory border of sand or land or border because no-one actually owns the "apparent" border or grains of sand. It is an illusion and a  "delusion of grandeur". No one can own anything or any one. Its like trying to catch the sky with a butterfly net.

The cosmic joke some might say!

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So what's on offer

Nothing can be said to be on offer as this is a sharing forum. "Non duality" is also a concept.

There is no teacher here. There is simply a "pointing" that "nothing" is "everything" and "everything" is "nothing". There is no separation because everything is energy and intertwined. Like the back of a tapestry.  The back is "imperfect", so to speak and the front is "perfect" so to speak. Both are one and the same. All the hard work behind the scenes creates the finished article. We cannot have one without the other.  

There is a constant invitation to see that life is whole and complete. There is no life and death or opposites. "Duality" is an illusion but is also part of the whole.

Some ancient texts refer to this as lifting the veil, but no ancient texts are required to see the beauty of what already is.

If you are reading this page it is likely that you have been seeking pleasure in all kinds of activities and experiences but there is a niggling itch that something is not right yet or something needs to happen for this to be okay. You are what is known in the spiritual circles as a "seeker". This refers to a person or "individual", who is constantly searching but can never feel satisfied. Like the beggar with his bowl.

So in conclusion, this is an open forum to simply ask questions in an open and honest way with 100% confidentiality.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with seeking either because seeking can refine and perfect the feedback loop (cause and effect).

Like the "lion", who observes its "prey". A persona "individual" that observes, redirects, corrects and perfects, becomes an apex predictor in the natural reality, rather than a victim of its "apparent" circumstances and belief systems, which only serve to perpetuate the illusion and delusion that "I am" a separate induvial - all alone in this world! Not true.

Lets share together in an open and honest way.

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