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Welcome to Ta-Verite

Hypnotherapy and Holistic Services

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"All that you see in front of you is how you feel in your own head."

Alan Watts

"Letting go of who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be."

Alan Watts

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Donna Jane Moran - Clinical Hypnotherapist, DPH, DNLP, CertWMS, CertSMC, CertSCS GHRC

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and Reiki Master Level Certification

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Hi, my name is Donna. A warm welcome to Ta-Verite, which in French translates to "Your Truth."

I specialise in assisting people to breakdown long held beliefs that cause conflict in their lives and result in addictions, habits, disorders, and mental health issues by using a range of techniques including hypnotherapy, NLP, reiki and mindfulness.

Not many people realise but the subconscious mind is far more powerful that the conscious mind. One could say that the unconscious mind is the hard drive and the sub-conscious mind is the soft ware. The unconscious mind runs the bodily processes such as the heart beat, breathing, bodily functions, walking etc. No conscious thought is required to do these activities. The subconscious mind stores beliefs. The conscious mind could be compared to the tip of the iceberg.  If the sub conscious mind stores long held beliefs like patters that are not functional and essentially cloud the natural reality, this can result in thoughts and unconscious behaviour that is in conflict with our true self and potential and the thoughts and behaviours appear to result in self sabotage. It is essentially programming since we were small children. How you see yourself is through a lens of  beliefs or programmes that cloud the natural reality. Such long held beliefs and thought patters can create a false self or image that we identify with as ourselves, rather than our authentic self which is our natural self. One must be mindful of the fact that beliefs are not the truth which is why they are called beliefs.

Hypnotherapy and NLP are powerful techniques that can pattern interrupt addictive behaviour and unwanted thought patterns. The process of hypnotherapy is very relaxing and is comparable in some ways to meditation as it relaxes the conscious mind to allow the therapist to impart techniques, such as positive visualisation, suggestions, reframing, regression, future pacing, anchoring, metaphors, hypnotic bind, affirmations and positive thinking, to alter the hard wired patterns. This is different from counselling, psychotherapy and psychology which essentially reinforce and try to improve the false self. The false self is an information loop that has no basis is reality.

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How can Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques help me?

Why cant I control my thoughts feelings and behaviour.

We all like to think we have free will. So if that’s the case, why cant we control our emotions, thoughts and behaviours. Why, when we want to lose weight, cant we instruct ourselves to eat healthy and exercise. Why cant we be confident when we need to do a work presentation. Why cant we stop that habit or addiction.

This unknown resistance and automatic behaviour is very frustrating and can have profound implications over our life.

Our mind and body is comprised of the unconscious, the sub conscious and the conscious mind. The unconscious is responsible for the core bodily functions. It is innate. Our breathing, the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, feelings and thought patterns.

The subconscious mind stores all information that is absorbed through parents, teachers, friends, doctors, television, and social media. It is essentially a programming system of energetic patterns and can be considered to be a food back loop of information which is essentially cause and effect.

The conscious mind serves as a judge or filter. The problem is that the conscious mind will perceive through the filter of what is stored in the sub - conscious mind if not directed otherwise and if the programming is inefficient and problematic the world can be clouded and seen through a lens of distorted beliefs inherited from others who also have distorted beliefs and data inputs. The natural reality and other people can not be seen for what they truley are.

It must be brought to the awareness that the conscious mind is "all powerful" because if directed, it is the observer - "awareness" - the lens. If the sub-conscious mind is viewed from a neutral viewpoint and a light is shone on any distortions in the programming, then the programming can be untangled and the natural reality unfolds with out all the paraphernalia of what "I think" should or should not happen, what is right and wrong, good or bad, special and not special.

Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming, uses the tool of hypnosis to shut down the conscious mind- like meditation, which is the gateway to the subconscious, so that the sub - conscious mind can be re-wired to be more efficient, using tools such as re-framing, visualisation, repetition, affirmations, positive thinking, reconnections, regression, future pacing, anchoring, parts therapy, metaphors, body scans, countdown breathing, swish patterns, misdirection and more.

There are 357 disorders listed in the DSM-V which can be said to be merely labels and a label is not who we truly are. A label is not something that people should identify themselves as being. A disorder is merely a repetitive energetic pattern that can be rectified. The TV and social media are largely responsible for mental disorders outside of those that are congenital in nature because the TV, social media and some music are hypnotic in nature and they are designed to create consumers of gambling, purchasing, alcohol, drugs, medication. Pain is promoted so that drugs can be supplied. It is like the creator of problems so that it can provide a solution. One might say that the problem is that there is no problem.

The only way that human beings can communicate is via speech and body language. Everything is therefore viewed through the filter of speech and body language. If someone frowns we immediately feel there is something wrong. If someone smiles, we immediately feel uplifted. If someone tells us off for doing something "bad", this is communicated via speech and filtered through the communicators view of what is right and wrong and they project this onto ourselves. We may take on their projection and judge ourselves through their filter. Without speech and body language there is no filter. Everything is energy and we essentially would not be able to discern the wood from the trees. This is how reality is viewed from a baby's view. They can see no separation between any objects. When language is introduced an artificial reality comes on line, built on ideas, concepts and beliefs. By using reframing techniques through speech any distortions that cause anxiety and depression and unwanted habits and beliefs can be reprogrammed. Neuro-linguistic programming is a powerful technique.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can be said to more effective that counselling and other therapies which try to correct the closed loop of knowing ones life through the filter. What you take to be "your life" is essentially a story generated in the subconscious mind through energetic patters and connections. It is not actually true and is not the natural reality. It is a distortion of the natural reality. A fictitious story. Like a film or a play that can keep running until is realised that there is no one in the film as it is simply a projection in illusory time.

Most people are seeking unconditional love. Love cannot be constructed, defined or created. Love is innately known. You feel it when you feel it and there can be no doubt. This is what is sought by almost everyone. To let go of long held beliefs and distortions will allow the heart centre to open.

To find out more about how the mind works and how hypnotherapy can facilitate the positive changes that you desire, visit the hypnotherapy page. This contains a full list of problematic programming that we can treat. 

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Guided Hypnosis with Donna

This video has been written and produced by myself to facilitate total relaxation. It is a free audio as an introduction to what you can expect from hypnotherapy treatments. Each audio is tailored towards each disorder or addiction. Please see the disclaimer and note that hypnotherapy is not suitable for everyone. For example people with conditions such as epilepsy and other brain disorders. Please take responsibility for yourself and take medical advice before listening and engaging with holistic and complementary treatments outside the traditional medical and scientific guidance.

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Hypnotherapy Treatments

Lose Weight

We offer an effective program for weight loss to help you lose those unwanted pounds and become motivated to exercise. It is necessary to reprogram the mind to experience long term weight loss stability and a healthy life style.  Change your life today. You have nothing to lose but the weight.

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Body Measurements
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Stress management

We can help you manage stress more effectively, using hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming techniques to reach the subconscious mind and pattern interrupt the triggers and beliefs that can ignite the flight, fight and freeze response. This will help you to regain control over your life and your emotions. We offer an audio to listen to in between sessions that will offer complete relaxation, sometimes known as a "mind massage."

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Pain Management

Through a process of total relaxation, we can help you to release any contracted energy that causes unwanted pain due to built up neurosis.

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Back Pain
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Like the lion

You can trust your intuition

The lion observes its "prey" and when ready, the apex predator - like the bull shark, wolf, tiger ,polar bear, crocodile, and golden eagle - it takes action.

Observation in life is the "key" to understanding, learning and refining the feed back loop of the mind. Survival of the fittest is the "fundamental principle" of life itself. Without progression and improvement, we would all be amoebas.

The love to be "alive" is the survival instinct.

Please do not contact this site unless you are willing to change, long held, ingrained habits and beliefs and are willing to start a programme of hard work. Everyone has a "duty of care" to themselves and to others. Take responsibility and stop blaming and shaming yourself and others. It is simply not productive and only serves to prolong and re-enforce a negative feed back loop. Whist everyone is a "snowflake" and has a unique blue print or finger print, it is important to act like an apex predator, rather than a "victim of programming and circumstances" to improve the whole and progress the "whole", which includes all "individuals",  in the right direction.

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